Matthew David Morris is an artist, a cultivator of good questions, and a lover of the human heart. He is pursuing a Masters of Divinity at Iliff School of Theology and is training as a postulant to the priesthood in the Episcopal Church. He ministers in a number of capacities within and among the churches of the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon, serving as Missioner for Portland Metro Episcopal Campus Ministry and Missioner for Alternative Liturgy at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church.

As a grad student and a step-parent of an undergrad student, Matthew David advocates for student agency and student empowerment. He sees his work in young adult ministry as an opportunity to provide an interculturally-competent, intersectionality-minded, and interfaith-leaning approach to community building, grounded in his own mature Christian faith and informed by the context, traditions, and intellectual rigor of The Episcopal Church. His commitment to follow Jesus in humility and with fidelity informs his work, his art, and his approach to pastoral caregiving.

In February of 2018, Matthew David founded the new ministry, Beloved Community on Campus, which seeks to engage students in discernment about what it means to create an equitable, just, and liberative community on their college campus. In May of 2018, with the support of the Episcopal Evangelism Society, he launched a podcast called Lectio Musica, a once-weekly lectionary & music podcast. Lectio Musica is a weekly podcast that explores the spiritual practice of writing songs from scripture. A new song is featured in every episode, along with tips, suggestions, and reflections on how to make this practice your own.

Sermons, Songs, and Lectio Musica