Prayer as resistance.


Prayerful resistance is my spiritual practice.

It is with these words that I braced myself for the new American administration.

I am a Christian. I am not, however, a Christian supremacists.

I am a Christian. I am not, however, a Christian imperialists.

I will not mince words about what I saw on display at the inauguration ceremony of the 45th President of the United States:

The current American president has encouraged the nation to “open your heart” to patriotism.

I resist that blatant expression of idolatry.

We are not called to open our heart to America. We are called to open our heart to God. Do not be deceived by this pseudo-religious rhetoric.

The current American president has suggested that God will protect this nation while it shores up its defenses, strengthens its military arsenal, and prepares for a period of isolationism and aggression.

God will not be shaped into the likeness of a war monger.
God does not bow down to tyrants, and neither do I. Click To Tweet
I pray to a God who liberates.

I pray to a God who is Love.

I pray to a God who took on flesh in order to heal, teach, pray, and inspire, and who was then subject to death as an outcast, a criminal in the eyes of the state.

I pray to a God whose life-giving love cannot be killed by instruments of death.

The God who raised Jesus is not a God of war.

This is not a God who sanctions the various forms of violence done in God’s name.

This is a God whose will is for all of creation to live the fullest, most complete, most loving, most mutually-respectful lives imaginable.

Anything that works against this vision works against God.

Any exercise of power that denigrates the integrity of God’s creation is a work against God.


Shortages of food,
structural support.

Acts of division that
pit groups against one another.

Systems that
or any other
form of oppression.

All of this works against God’s purposes.

I resist because I am a Christian.
I resist because I have integrity.
I resist because I am human, created by a God who calls us to a different kind of reality.

A kin-dom of Love.

My resistance is a form of prayer.
My prayer is a act of resistance. Click To Tweet



Photo by Quino Al