Not comments. Dialogue.

I’m opening up this site for comments.

This is a change of direction. An early post declared that this wouldn’t be a place for conversation, but more like a journal. I said,

Think of this blog more like an unabridged social media feed, but without the advertising or any of the random updates about my location or lunch. This will be a place where I seek to make sense out of the things I find online, but also the things that happen in on-ground gathering spaces (churches, rallies, community meetings, etc.). It’s one part processing, one part sermonizing, and one part art-making.

Yeah. That never happened.

The thing is, conversation is important. Dialogue is important. Learning from others is important. I’ve never done particularly well with journaling, and it appears that the same is true for blogging without comments. I don’t like writing into the void. If someone reads what I write and has something constructive to share, I want to read that.

And there have been other periods of my life where a blog allowed me to cultivate community – community that centers around shared ideas, shared stories. I think I would do well to have that in my life again. Academic writing can strip a person of their own voice if they’re not careful. Maybe treating this site like a space for dialogue would being back some of the tenderness to my relationship with words.

My second year of Iliff is just around the corner, so it seems right to do a little housekeeping on the site. Perhaps opening up the comments will encourage more writing during these last two years of seminary. Oh, and I’ve added a new tagline to the site: Meditations on Ministry and Music. I think that’s a good starting place for conversation.

So, the comments are open. Please be kind. I don’t have a comment policy, but I’ll happily write one if needed. Kindness is a good starting point.


Photo by Eduardo Sánchez